From the beginning, we promised that this campaign was not just about winning an election, but about activating people for a better District 5 and a better San Francisco. Our electoral challenge has come to an end, but our efforts to organize the community and give neighbors a voice at City Hall have only just begun.

But let me be clear: it is not enough to oppose Donald Trump and then sit quietly by while our neighbors are evicted, denied health care, deported, or discriminated against. Our struggle is both national and local. The political left must stand for something, and too often it has not, helping pave the way for the rise of the right wing. We must press forward with bold vision, a passion for justice, and a plan to win. We have our work cut out for us. 

This campaign was just the beginning. Together, we will build a more equitable society, block by block and neighborhood by neighborhood. Sign up below for the latest on our efforts.

– Dean Preston